Designers Unite with Help from the Design Police!

For all you designers out there, you’ve inevitably had numerous encounters with colleagues and/or clients who had more than their two cents worth on a given design project. You’ve no doubt had to carefully and diplomatically state your case, and why certain design decisions are better than others, and why there is a need to trust a design professional, rather than…well…Microsoft Word or PowerPoint.

If you’ve had your fill of being overly nice trying to convey your ideas, I am happy to announce that there is now a service out there that is here to help: Design Police ( I stumbled across this site site after seeing it featured in a blog post on Smashing Magazine and knew that it is a keeper, and one that I had to share with readers.

The mission of Design Police is simple: Bring bad design to justice. Through their innovative kit that is available for download, you can use their material when editing and marking up designs. Trust me — it’s well worth it.

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