Look Mom, No Flash!

Whew!  It’s been far too long since my last ramblings on the blog here.  And c’mon…what’s up with that title?  No Flash?  Don’t worry, I’m not turning anti-Flash like Steve Jobs or anything.  Heck, I continue to do a ton of Flash development work, and seriously enjoy doing it.  No, it’s nothing like that.  It’s just that I’ve just launched an updated version of HesslerDesign.com that includes no Flash elements in the main framework of the site (minus the a few entries in the Work section, and of course excluding the blog section, because I write about Flash quite a bit as you can probably tell).

Why, you ask?

As time goes on, I’m finding myself drawing closer and closer to sticking close to pure HTML/CSS code, with other standards-compliant languages like PHP/MySQL and JavaScript.  Not to say Flash and it’s programming language (ActionScript) isn’t compliant with anything.  I had simply found myself doing things in Flash by default because it’s what I was most comfortable with, and could do with the least amount of technical issues.

But, now that I’ve been exploring more uses for JavaScript in place of what would normally be Flash code, it’s easier and easier to pull myself away from Flash.  Plus, as I’ve been doing more and more dynamic code content with PHP, I’m finding myself a lot more excited about using PHP than I am about using Flash.  I still enjoy Flash, and don’t get me wrong — there are definitely times and places for Flash.  But for where I’m at now, I am finding that my own site doesn’t currently need to rely on Flash so much.

Outside of the programming techniques used for the most recent release of the site, I felt like it was definitely the time for a change regarding the design of the site.  The new design has a much more sophisticated simplicity and clean look than the old version. It’s focus is more on the projects and artwork, as they take a very prominent position on the Work page with only the project details to accompany them.  No fluff content just to fill in space and give users something else to read.  Only the necessities.

With that all said, I hope you enjoy the newest iteration of HesslerDesign.com.  If you haven’t already, check out the Work page, which has a few new projects listed that I’ve completed recently.  I hope you like what you see.

Until next time, happy coding!

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